Monday March 16, 2020

With the recent news of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in our area, especially in the areas where we conduct most of our business, like Pitkin, Eagle and Garfield county’s. the reality of exposure to this virus is very real.

At this time we feel that the best way for us to minimize the spread of this virus and to protect our employees and customers that may come into contact, is to close our Counter area for a minimum of two weeks starting Tuesday March 17th. We will continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation and to re-open our counter area to full service as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this practice will also include the office and warehouse as well.

We hope these actions will prevent any of our staff from contracting this virus, so we will not have to close the facility for two weeks entirely and effect your business by not being able to supply electrical material and service from our employees.

Our plan for the next few weeks is to offer a will call service to help keep things moving forward.

1.      Call, Email, Text or Fax your orders in to our sales staff and let us know when you anticipate picking your material up, we will either have your material ready at the front of the store or at the loading dock on the east side of the building.

2.      We will arrange our times to help make this transition as smooth as we can. All orders placed will need to indicate what type of will call, or when you will be coming. All orders placed after 12 noon, will need the following will call indications.

a.      Will call before 5pm

b.     Will call set out after 5pm

c.      Will call set out 7am next morning.

3.      The key to making this work well is to plan accordingly! We will be continuing to do our everyday job function such as quotes, purchasing, inside sales and warehouse duties as well.

4.      Deliveries, we will continue to make shop and job site deliveries as well, however due to the counter being closed this might cause some delays in delivery. We anticipate more delivery requests now that you will not have normal access to our counter.  Our suggestion is to limit job site deliveries and instead direct them to your shop. And especially doing will call orders.

a.      All early am deliveries going up valley to Aspen go to shops first, once we are in Aspen and returning,  we will go to job site locations. We will not be deviating from this schedule.

b.     Second truck works its way up valley hitting shops and job sites as we go.


The last thing we want to do is put up barriers for doing business with All-Phase Electric, but I think we all agree that this could be a difficult time for all if these difficult choices are not made. If we fail to protect our employees and customers, we will be forced to quarantine our total location, or you to quarantine your business for weeks.

Over the years you have come to rely on us to service your day to day needs, the big issue I see is that we all need to plan ahead for our material and business needs. We still anticipate a need for one on one contact for discussions regarding our business partnerships, we will just have to be more diligent and careful in how we go about it.

We encourage you to use the following tools to communicate your requests and needs for material and services.

Phone: 970-945-6204

Fax: 970-945-5403




Text: Employees cell’s

T.J. Neal: 970-618-2404

Aaron Elam: 615-796-9234

Suzanne Trent: 970-309-7232

Nick Pelaez: 407-409-5009

David Pendleton: 970-618-0799

Chris Johnson: 970-379-8413

Jeff Hutson: 970-319-8435

Laura Ramsey: 970-314-1730

T.J. Neal  Manager

All-Phase Glenwood Springs Co